AutoCAD 2011: A Problem Solving Approach 
Sham Tickoo, Purdue University Calumet
Published by Autodesk Press, USA
ISBN 13: 978-1111127725
ISBN 10: 1111127727
Paperback 1392 Pages

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This book contains a detailed explanation of AutoCAD 2011 commands and how to use them in solving drafting and design problems. Every AutoCAD command is thoroughly explained with examples and illustrations that make it easy to understand their function and application. At the end of each topic, there are examples that illustrate the function of the command and how it can be used in the drawing. After reading this textbook, you will be able to use AutoCAD commands to make a drawing, create text, create and insert symbols, dimension a drawing, apply constraints to sketches, create blocks and dynamic blocks, create 3D objects, mesh objects and solid models, and render a scene.

Some of the features of this text book are:
  Step-by-step instructions for creating annotative objects, making and inserting symbols, and dimensioning drawings

   promote efficient use of the software while strengthening your problem-solving skills.

.  One new chapter added on surface modeling.

  Usage of commands and shortcuts to increase efficiency of the users.

  Additional information is provided to the users in the form of Tips and Notes..
  Dual emphasis on conceptual learning and hands-on practice fosters a thorough understanding of the power of

   AutoCAD 2011 for engineers, architects, drafters, and designers.


Evaluation Chapters of AutoCAD 2011: A Problem Solving Approach textbook (zipped pdf files)
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c15-acad-2011-eval-pdf, c20-acad-2011-eval-pdf,
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c07-acad-2011-ppt,    c08-acad-2011-ppt,      c09-acad-2011-ppt,
c10-acad-2011-ppt,    c11-acad-2011-ppt,      c12-acad-2011-ppt,
c13-acad-2011-ppt,    c14-acad-2011-ppt,      c15-acad-2011-ppt,
c16-acad-2011-ppt,    c17-acad-2011-ppt,      c18-acad-2011-ppt,
c19-acad-2011-ppt,    c20-acad-2011-ppt,      c21-acad-2011-ppt,
c22-acad-2011-ppt,    c23-acad-2011-ppt,      c24-acad-2011-ppt,
c25-acad-2011-ppt,    c26-acad-2011-ppt,      c27-acad-2011-ppt,
c28-acad-2011-ppt,    c29-acad-2011-ppt,      c30-acad-2011-ppt
c31-acad-2011-ppt,    c32-acad-2011-ppt,      c33-acad-2011-ppt
c34-acad-2011-ppt,    c35-acad-2011-ppt,      c36-acad-2011-ppt,   
AutoCAD Files (.zipped files)
Drawing files used in Examples and Exercises
  c02-acad-2011-dwg,   c03-acad-2011-dwg,    c04-acad-2011-dwg,  
c05-acad-2011-dwg,   c06-acad-2011-dwg,    c07-acad-2011-dwg,  
c08-acad-2011-dwg,   c09-acad-2011-dwg,    c10-acad-2011-dwg,  
c11-acad-2011-dwg,   c12-acad-2011-dwg,    c13-acad-2011-dwg,   
c14-acad-2011-dwg,   c15-acad-2011-dwg,    c16-acad-2011-dwg,   
c17-acad-2011-dwg,   c18-acad-2011-dwg,    c19-acad-2011-dwg,  
c20-acad-2011-dwg,   c22-acad-2011-dwg,    c23-acad-2011-dwg,  
c24-acad-2011-dwg,   c25-acad-2011-dwg,    c26-acad-2011-dwg
c27-acad-2011-dwg,   c28-acad-2011-dwg,    c29-acad-2011-dwg,  
c30-acad-2011-dwg,   c31-acad-2011-dwg,    c32-acad-2011-dwg,  
c34-acad-2011-dwg,    c35-acad-2011-dwg,  
Instructor Guide
(Zipped MS Word 2003 file) This file contains answers to all Review Question and Steps to Complete exercies in the textbook
Tips and Notes
Drawings for Practice of AutoCAD on Internet
  Figure1, Figure2, Figure3
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