E-Books By Prof. Sham Tickoo and CADCIM Technologies



CADCIM Technologies is one of the world’s leading providers of quality CAD/CAM, CAE Simulation, Civil/BIM/GIS, and Animation/Visual Effects textbooks. The textbooks are available as eBooks on different platforms such as:

Some of our textbooks are also available as eBooks on Draft2Digital. We provide eBooks on sale and subscription basis to individuals as well as institutional buyers.

CADCIM eBooks are available on sale and subscription basis to individuals and institutional buyers. If you are interested in purchasing these eBooks, please contact us at sales@cadcim.com. Alternatively, you can visit the above mentioned portals directly.

Why eBooks?

  • At ebooks.cadcim.com, you can have both online and offline access to our eBooks.
  • You can download eBooks to your computer, dedicated ebook devices, PDAs and mobile phones.
  • You can access and read eBooks online, from any computer, anywhere.
  • You can quickly search a topic or page of your interest.
  • You can manage your profiles, create notes, highlight text, and add bookmarks for easy reference.

To order CADCIM eBooks, visit our eBook store at: https://ebooks.cadcim.com.

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