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Siemens NX 2021 textbook

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Siemens NX 2021 for Designers, 14th Edition

Tickoo-CADCIM Series

Siemens NX 2021 for Designers is a comprehensive book that introduces the users to feature based 3D parametric solid modeling using the NX software. The book covers all major environments of NX with a thorough explanation of all tools, options, and their applications to create real-world products. More than 40 mechanical engineering industry examples and additional 35 exercises given in the book ensure that the users properly understand the solid modeling design techniques used in the industry and are able to efficiently create parts, assemblies, drawing views with bill of materials as well as learn the editing techniques that are essential to make a successful design. In this edition, four industry specific projects are also provided for free download to the users to practice the tools learned and enhance their skills. Keeping in mind the requirements of the users, the textbook first introduces sketching and part modeling and then gradually progresses to cover assembly, surfacing, an

Authors ISBN Pages Binding

CADCIM Technologies, USA
Prof. Sham Tickoo, Purdue University Northwest, USA
978-1-64057-119-8 948 (816+132**) Paperback
(** Pages available for free download)


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